2019 innovation challenge FAQs

What is the NMHC Innovation Challenge?
The NMHC Innovation Challenge is an annual competition that seeks solutions to vexing apartment industry challenges. The challenge issue is decided on by the NMHC Innovation Committee and they also serve as the judges determining the top five semi-finalists and the winner.  
Why does NMHC conduct the Innovation Challenge?

Oftentimes, solutions to problems come from people outside of our industry. By opening the challenge process to anyone, NMHC members, non-members, technology providers, and people from outside of our industry, a broader range of possible solutions become available to the industry.

Who can apply to take part in the Innovation Challenge?
Anyone can apply. Whether you are an apartment manager, a construction company, a technology company, you are eligible and encouraged to apply. 
How much does it cost to apply to the Innovation Challenge?
There is no charge to apply to the Innovation Challenge.
What’s the deadline for submitting an application to the Innovation Challenge?
The deadline for submitting an application for the Innovation Challenge is Friday, September 27th, 2019. 
When will I know if my application has been selected as a semi-finalist or the winner?
The NMHC Innovation Committee will decide on the top five semi-finalists, including one winner among the five on Friday October 4th, 2019. All semi-finalists and the winner will be notified during the week of October 7-11th, 2019. 
What do I win if I’m a semi-finalist?
If you are a semi-finalist, but not the winner, your company name will be included in a press release from NMHC notifying NMHC membership about the top five semi-finalists for the Challenge.  
What do I win if I’m the winner?
Your company name will be included in the NMHC email announcing the top five semi-finalists. You will also be given a 5-minute speaking slot in front of the full NMHC OPTECH audience in Dallas TX, November 11-13 as well as two complimentary tickets to the conference (valued at $2,400 for non-members). In addition, your company will be listed as the 2019 NMHC Innovation Challenge Winner in NMHC communications, including emails and website postings.  
When will the Innovation Challenge Winner be announced?
While all five semi-finalists will be announced prior to the OPTECH Conference, the Innovation Challenge winner will be announced at the 2019 Conference. The winner’s name will remain confidential until the announcement at OPTECH.  
What criteria is being used to determine the semi-finalists and the winner?

The NMHC Innovation Committee will use three criteria to determine semi-finalists and the ultimate winner. The first criteria is how well the solution reduces construction costs and/or time to bring housing to market, the second criteria is the ability of the solution to be a scalable solution for the industry, and the third criteria is the unique, creative and innovative nature of the solution.  

Will I be giving up any intellectual property rights by submitting my application?
No. NMHC will not be granted or retain any rights to your intellectual property through your application to the Innovation Challenge. NMHC reserves the right to publicize your company if you are selected as a semi-finalist or the winner of the challenge.  
How do I apply?

You can apply by starting this application form and completing and providing contact information as well as information on your product or service. Good luck!